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We are located in between Kyoto, Osaka, Takayama and Nagoya
where many foreign tourists visit and are in a great location to
visit a variety of sightseeing destinations.

Recommended sightseeing spots

  • Hikone Castle

    Hikone Castle 10 min walk from the hotel

    The castle glistening in the moonlight is beautiful and Lake Biwa seen from the third floor of the castle gate is a sight to behold.
    We recommend the castle villa, uchibori and nakabori of Hikone Castle that still looks like it did in old times, along with the famous Genkyuen and the scenic beauty, Rakurakuen.

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  • Genkyuen

    Genkyuen 10 min walk from the hotel

    Genkyuen is a circuit-style garden with a large pond in the center, islands, nine bridges and plenty of changing scenery.

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  • Nagahama Castle

    Nagahama Castle

    Approx. 30 mins by train / Approx. 25 mins by car

    Hideyoshi Toyotomi spent time in Nagahama Castle during the e...

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  • Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

    Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

    Approx. 2 hrs by train / Approx. 1 hrs 30 mins by car

    This temple is located on Hieizan Mountain and encompasses an...

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  • Mii-dera Temple

    Mii-dera Temple

    Approx. 1 hrs 10 mins by train / Approx. 1 hrs by car

    Miidera Temple has a massive complex on the side of Nagarayam...

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  • Ishiyama-dera Temple

    Ishiyama-dera Temple

    Approx. 1 hrs 10 mins by train / Approx. 1 hrs by car

    Tahoto at Ishiyama-dera Temple has been designated the oldest...

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  • Hachiman-bori moat

    Hachiman-bori moat

    Approx. 40 mins by train / Approx. 40 mins by car

    Hachimanbori was created in 1585 to bring boats into the cast...

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