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Eizan Aerial Cableway

Approx. 1 hrs 40 mins by train / Approx. 1 hrs 20 mins by car

The Eizan Aerial Cableway from Hieizanroku Yase creates a beautiful tunnel of cherry blossoms in the spring and fall foliage in the autumn. It has the greatest elevation difference in Japan at 561 meters and it connects to the 1.3 km trek to the side of Hieizan Mountain in 9 minutes.

Address Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto, 601-1254, Japan
Fee *Cable car (Cable Yase Station - Cable Hiei Station)
Adults: [One way] 540 yen, [Both ways] 1,080 yen
Elementary school students: [One way] 270 yen, [Both ways] 540 yen 

*Aerial Cableway (Cableway Hiei Station - Hieizan Summit Station)
Adults: [One way] 310 yen, [Both ways] 620 yen
Elementary school students: [One way] 160 yen, [Both ways] 310 yen